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Androids2 accepts unsolicited manuscripts
Provided they meet the following criteria:
1. Your story must come to us edited, error free and ready to publish. (We do not do edits or ghost write.)
2. Minimum story length is 10,000 words. However, you can submit several short stories as one work, that add up to a word count of 10, 000 words or more.
3. We prefer stories written in pulp-fiction style of the 1920s through the mid 1970s.
4. We prefer stories that have a strong romantic angle and a tastefully written love making scene.
5. We do not publish Adult oriented stories.
6. We do not publish poetry.
7. Your story must have a compelling plot, non-stop action and a satisfying ending and you must tell the story well.
8. Send your story to us as a: (WORD.DOC) attached to an email to: Mansstory2@aol.com.
9. Your submission must have your name and email address on the title page of your (WORD.DOC) attachment.
10. Include a short summary of what your story(s) is/are about.
11. If your story is accepted, you must agree to our terms of acceptance and publication. You will be paid a $50.00 advance. Then 25% of the profits your book generates after the book has recovered all publication expenses (Usually about $200.00). All Payments are made with PayPal after the book is published.
12. We guarantee your book will be available as an ebook at most bookstores: Amazon, WH Smith, Barnes and Nobel, Kindle, The Apple Store, In Smashwords Premium Catalog as well as formatted to display on most electronic device.

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The best way to understand what we
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